European Parliament supports new legislation for EU data sharing 

One of the main priorities for the EU is finding the best way to manage the digital revolution and regulate new technologies. There are conflicting views on how to move forward, with many campaigners believing that the EU should set high standards for data protection. 

Now, the European Parliament has announced that it supports new rules for data sharing. The legislation,  known as the Data Governance Act (DGA), has been approved by EU lawmakers. with 501 votes to 12, and 40 abstentions and now needs the approval of the European Council. 

The EU hopes that the new legislation would help to boost innovation and harness the power of AI and online data by increasing the availability of information for businesses and individuals. It also sets new standards for data sharing across Europe. 

The rules, which will apply to companies and individual users, were initially proposed in 2020. They were designed to offer an alternative model to the one used by US tech platforms. 

Dealing with the power of big tech companies in the data sphere is an important part of the EU’s tech agenda. In addition to the proposed legislation, it is also working on a new “Data Act”, which would  “place safeguards against unlawful data transfer.” 

The first draft of the act was released earlier in the year, with commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager saying: “We want to give consumers and companies even more control over what can be done with their data, clarifying who can access data and on what terms.”

MEP Angelika Niebler said in a statement, “Our goal with the DGA is to set the foundation for a data economy in which people and businesses can trust. Data sharing can only flourish if trust and fairness are guaranteed, stimulating new business models and social innovation.” 

“Experience has shown that trust – be it trust in privacy or in the confidentiality of valuable business data – is a paramount issue. The Parliament insisted on a clear scope, making sure that the credo of trust is inscribed in the future of Europe’s data economy”.

“We are at the beginning of the age of AI and Europe will require more and more data. This legislation should make it easy and safe to tap into the rich data silos spread all over the EU. The data revolution will not wait for Europe. We need to act now if European digital companies want to have a place among the world’s top digital innovators”.

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