Middle Eastern Peace Is At The Top Of Europe’s Priority List

After meeting Benjamin Netanyahu in Brussels earlier this week, the foreign chief of police has announced that Europe will now put more effort into and focus on the peace process for the Middle East. Netanyahu is Israel’s first prime minister to visit the EU in 22 years and sat in his first formal visit to discuss growing concerns over the grave crisis Israel currently faces.

After the rash decision by Donald Trump to announce the U.S viewpoint that Jerusalem is recognised by them as Israel’s capital, there are worldwide fears over the impact of the messages Trump is sending out has begun to spread. The EU has stated that they will continue to accept the quote “international consensus” on Jerusalem.

This was said to sources by Magherini, as she re-iterated the bloc commitment to a so-called two-state solution. She firmly believes that the EU should increase its efforts for peace and negotiate talks with the well renowned Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president next month.

Palestine’s Talks With The EU

There has already been word from Palestine to Europe as their officials call for the EU to take a much greater role in the moribund peace process. This comes in light of U.S president Donald Trump’s unexpected move, sparking hundreds of like-minded protests all the way through the Middle East. There now comes even more accusations that the U.S has now foregone its right to act as a truly honest mediator.

What Do The Experts Say?

Federica Mogherini was quoted saying she believes that “the only realistic solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine is based on two states with Jerusalem as the capital of both.” Netanyahu added that “It [Trump’s Declaration] makes peace possible because recognising reality is the substance of peace, the foundation of peace.”

“There is now an effort to bring forward a new peace proposal by the American administration. I think we should give peace a chance. I think we should see what is presented and see if we can advance this peace” Netanyahu believes that peace with Israelis and Palestinians was growing more and more likely. This view is subsequently echoed by many pro-Israel officials featured in Trump’s administration, although it is a view that is largely dismissed in other regards.

What Does This Mean For Everyone Else?

Assistant to the secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, David Satterfield believes that “The president’s decision stands. It is, as I said, what the president believes was the right step, at the right moment. The president also said that these measures in no way prejudice the outcome of final status negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians.” Satterfield advocates that the developments over the past week and did not prejudge the issue of final borders.

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