EU Transport Policies- The Latest Developments of Intelligent Transport System


The European Union continues to work on development of a Cooperative Intelligent Transport System, which it plans to complete by 2019. Here are the details of the most recent developments and what is still to come.


What is the Intelligent Transport System?


The Intelligent Transport System, or ITS, is a European Union project aimed at improving transport through utilization of technological advancements. The project involves all modes of transportation, ranging from personal vehicles to public transportation services. The EU is following a global trend toward technology-based transport, and with good reason: the benefits are noteworthy.


Impressive Benefits


The Intelligent Transport System’s has many goals, all of which would be extremely beneficial to the European Union. One of these benefits is increased efficiency and sustainability of transport. In fact, by 2050, the EU proposes to reduce its carbon footprint by 60 percent. In addition to environmental benefits, the ITS offers improvements to safety and decrease in accidents, increase in accessibility and use of public transportation, less congestion, and economic development.


Research and Funding


The European Union is currently focused on researching new technologies and coming up with funding for this project. Ertico ITS, consisting of more than 100 companies, is a major entity in charge of research and funding. As of now, funding is under the European Union budget, with 26 billion euros still remaining for financing ITS. The European Union has provided Ertico ITS with 20 million euros for its help with ITS development. Countries such as India have also been called upon for assistance with the project research.


Recent Developments


The former Eurotransport Magazine has decided on a new name: Intelligent Transport. This scholarly magazine serves as a platform for sharing discoveries and research regarding the Intelligent Transport System. This recent change is a significant development, indicating a shifted focus toward the technological component of transport. EU policy has recently been focused on the Connecting Europe Facility Program, and looking at the latest technologies. Self-driven, automatic cars are a proposal of recent interest.


The Future of ITS


By 2020, the European Union aims to have a functioning system of Intelligent Transport. Included in this system will hopefully be a new line of automated vehicles aimed at improving safety and efficiency.


The European Union is joining the worldwide movement toward transport technology, with plans for an ITS system that will have many benefits to member countries.




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