EU citizenship offers sore as many British people flock to apply after the referendum

Brexit is quickly becoming a word that everyone knows and most people dislike. As it draws closer to the final decisions and bargaining from the UK to the EU more information and data than ever is coming to light. The past year has seen a sudden and drastic surge in the number of Britons applying for EU citizenship.

This data comes at the year closes and showed that since the referendum a large number of British citizens have been applying for EU citizenship to secure their place. Germany came out on top as the number one country in which the Brits hope to seek citizenship, with a staggering 7,493 people attempting to claim it back in 2017 in comparison to a low sum of 2,702 back in 2016.

In contrast to this, there has been a sudden surge in the amount of people who intend to migrate to the EU ever since the referendum. The BBC have focused on this story and have been collecting data on the subject. They found that in 17 out of 27 EU member states, British nationals have been claiming citizenship in 2017.

Since 2016 when there was, 5,2025 UK members looking for citizenship in the EU, there has been an extremely drastic 158 per cent increase. The previous year to that, there was also a 177 per cent rise in numbers. The data that the BBC collected cannot tell us precisely why each person wanted to gain citizenship; however, according to professionals in the field the reasoning is clear.

The Independent a UK publication wrote “Earlier this year the Home Office announced a significant climb down in relation to the rights of EU citizens after Brexit, conceding that those who arrive in the transition period will still have the right to settle permanently in Britain.”

Britain is already facing criticism after the figures of migration into Britain were released and much lower than expected. This is just another straw on the camel’s back with no foreseeable end in sight. Each day we are seeing the effects of the referendum and Brexit and what that is beginning to mean for the economic climate in the UK, so far, the results aren’t good.

Experts on international migration John Mason, wrote that “An increasing number of British people are considering moving from UK post Brexit. The uncertainty for the future and the understandable desire to do what we consider best for ourselves and our family has encouraged many people to evaluate the possibilities of moving from UK after the Brexit decision.”.

They continued, “However, as the political and economic scenario are not still crystal clear, it is important to examine the implications of doing so. There are definitely more people interested in international removals but there are still too many uncertainties to know what is the best way to move.”. According to many members of the public this view accurately reflects theirs for the most part and more people than ever are looking at a life, outside of the United Kingdom.

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