EU lawmakers call for stronger cyber security measures 

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges in the digital age. Because of this, MEPs have demanded that the EU improves its security against cyber threats. 

In a resolution on the bloc’s Cyber Security Strategy, which is also known as EUCSS, lawmakers have called for new strategies to deal with new and evolving threats, that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and often include a geopolitical dimension. 

The EUCSS was published in December last year by the European Commission. Its objectives are to tackle new cybersecurity threats as they arise and to develop initiatives to increase resilience and awareness of potential risks. 

According to MEP Bart Groothui “This parliament is working on the best cybersecurity legislation this continent has ever seen thus far. 

He added, “The political conclusion must be that ransomware is not just a technical problem, it is also a foreign policy problem and we have to hold Russia accountable for offering save havens to ransomware criminals.”

In an EU study, over 30% of citizens said they were concerned about their online data being misused by companies, governments, or cybercriminals. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this problem has become more prominent as social restrictions have meant many citizens have become more dependent on technology for work, shopping, and connecting with friends and family. 

This has meant that existing security vulnerabilities have been exposed and there has been a significant increase in online crimes and the misuse of data. 

In the document, MEPs called for the European Commission to introduce tougher security requirements for software, as the use of outdated software poses a major security risk. 

“The European Cyber Security Strategy stresses that technological sovereignty is key for building a more resilient union,” Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn said., adding that there needs to be a “commitment to an open but trustworthy core internet in Europe.”

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