Food safety, number 1 concern

Food plays a vital role when it comes to promoting the overall health of any country. The higher the food quality, the higher the standard of lifestyle. It is the government’s job to maintain a safety program for the food being provided to the citizens.

As it does for other departments, the European Union also works hard for their food safety program. The food safety program includes different goals for the betterment of citizens. Take a look at the food safety program by the European Union to understand better.

European food policy:

  • The European food safety program provides safe and nutritious food with good animal feed.
  • Europe is setting high standards for the security of animals and protection of plants and environment.
  • The labeling of food quality informs citizens about what they are eating.

There are some rules also made by the European Union for providing safe food throughout Europe.

The rules are as follows:

  • An extensive use of pesticides, food supplements and antibiotics for the safety of food should be considered.
  • No use of food additives and artificial food colors.
  • Plastic packaging should be prohibited to maintain the quality of food items.
  • A special label, think of it as a warning, should be pasted on the packaging of food items that may cause allergies.
  • It should be labeled on the food item whether or not the item contains low fat or high fiber.
  • Food hygiene should be the primary concern of the industries providing food.

EU food markets:

When it comes to exporting food items from other countries, EU always makes sure that the quality and standard should meet their EU policies. If the food standards don’t meet the standards of EU policies, the countries can’t sell their food products in Europe. This is the main reason Europe is very famous for not compromising the safety of food for their citizens.

Animal policies of European Union:

You can easily transport your animals in any part of Europe. The special animal passports are introduced to travel with yourpet animals easily. There are machines and devices installed at different places in Europe to detect if the animal is suffering from any diseases. If the animals found with any illness, then you are prohibited from selling the food items made from it.

Healthy plants policy:

The European healthy plant’s policy includes the permission of transferring the plants anywhere they are pest free. The EU also monitors the plants keenly to detect any pests they might have at an early stage.

EU always works hard to provide better food to its citizens without any compromise on the food quality. The food safety program in 2017 includes all the goals to deliver healthy food products around Europe.

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