Confronting the climate change

Keeping climate under control is essential. As per international communities, it is imperative that the temperature should not rise more than what’s natural.  The government of Europe is now taking significant steps towards the betterment of climate conditions. The policy includes several steps which include:

  • Addressing the different dangerous impacts of climate change.
  • Making people aware of the effects of global warming and pollution and what causes them.
  • EU policy is also helping when it comes to the encouragement of other leading countries to take a keen interest and serious steps regarding the current climate state.

EU green growth policy:

The EU policy is working hard for the growth of green environment to save Europe and its climate. This green policy can save not only humans but improve the overall economical standing of Europe. The Green growth climate policy will also help in modernizing Europe and its technologies.

Europe has also set some future goals for climate and energy. These goals include:

  • Europe has decided that the EU greenhouse gas emissions should be cut at by least 20%.
  • The share of EU energy consumption should be increased 20% from new resources.
  • The energy efficiency should be increased to decrease the amount of primary energy being used.

The European Union agrees to cut down energy use by 20 to 30% by 2020 with the condition that other major economies also agree to play their part in this regard. EU leaders are also working on new climate action goals for 2030. The new policy of 2030 includes:

  • To cut 40% in greenhouse emissions.
  • Energy efficiency should be improved at least 27%.

As per the EU policy, it is essential to cut down the maximum emissions for better climate conditions.

The emissions trading scheme:

The emissions trading scheme is the EU’s climate change strategy has been there since 2005, and the government is still working on cutting down current levels of emissions. Companies also agree to surrender their allowances for each ton of carbon dioxide they emit.

Change in climate- preparations:

It is to be noted that if all the emissions are cut down or stopped immediately, the weather still changes due to the emissions which are already circulating in the air. So, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, and the EU is trying its best. To prepare for disastrous climate changes the precautions include:

  • Modifying our buildings to adapt to climate change.
  • Flood defense centers should be built.
  • The development of drought-tolerant crops.
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