European Union Environmental Policies

Europe is one of the world’s leaders in environmental consciousness. The policies that are in place are specifically designed to increase the quality of life for the people in Europe, as well as to preserve nature and all of its resources. The policies in place were first introduced in the European Act of 1987, however it wasn’t until 1993 in the Treaty of Maastricht that the environment was officially made a part of the EU policies. The main goals of the policies are to improve green growth, preserve and protect nature, and conserve the well-being of European citizens.


The general principles of the policies include the protection of the environment, raising awareness of the importance of preserving nature, and preventing and amending pollution.


Protecting The Environment


One of the main goals of the EU environmental policies is protecting nature. By raising awareness of the importance of the preservation of nature, the EU is working towards cooperation of all of its citizens in protecting the environment and natural resources. The goal is to encourage “green growth”, which involves creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of development. By preserving the natural resources and taking care of the environment, Europe is creating a sustainable way of living. Europe is working towards a cohabitation of nature and human development.


Health And Well-Being Of The Citizens


Another goal of the environmental policies is maintaining the health and well-being of European citizens. The EU seeks to improve the quality of life by preserving its natural resources and giving the citizens clean drinking water, reducing or eliminating harmful chemicals, and improving the quality of the air by cutting down on air pollution. By doing so, the people of Europe can lead a healthier, happier life without worrying about the harmful effects of contaminated water and air.


Challenges to Overcome


The world population is continually growing, which leads to more pollution, as well as consumption of natural resources. The EU strives to create a sustainable way of life that will continue to improve the quality of life for its citizens, as well as the rest of the world. It is not an easy feat, however the EU recognizes its importance and is working towards achieving these goals. Through the preservation and care of nature, they are bettering the world for everyone. The EU is holding its citizens responsible for their impact on the environment and raising awareness. They are doing their part to ensure a sustainable future for the entire world.

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