Tilray Trail Blazing Medical Cannabis Research in the European Union

Tilray is a global medical cannabis research leader based out of British Columbia, Canada.  On November 8th Tilray announced to the public that they have completely exported medical cannabis from its main hub in Canada to their EU campus in Cantanhede, Portugal.

This is a major step forward for the cannabis research industry in being the initial process of legally transporting live cannabis genes from one continent to another.

Tilray likes to recognize this as a benchmark initiative to solidify a name for themselves as the leader medical cannabis research company geographically.

Not only does this have greater scientific possibilities, but being able to transition samples in an open a legal manner may bring a more legitimate theme to the type of research Tilray carries out.

When compared to countries like the US, there seems to be an overlining mindset of acceptance of medical cannabis research among the EU member states which could impact the economy in different ways. This mindset allows for research centers to conduct project such as this which makes their job easier and promotes quality data communication and analysis.

After Tilray received its license to import cannabis gene samples, the company had plans to invest a great deal of money into the European Union Campus.

In gaining crucial facilities located in the BIOCANT research park in Portugal, the science was able to flourish.

Apparently, the campus features various greenhouse cultivation areas along with means to processes and package medical cannabis products to be distributed. This site will act as a new major hub for its research and production of everything related to the development of the medical cannabis and biotechnology industry in Europe.

It is extremely important to note that within the first phase of the development project, it will directly create 100 quality jobs involving research, processing, and distribution.

The center is expected to be completed by 2018 and includes a laboratory, greenhouse, and processing facility with the expectation of building expansion in the years to come.

Tilray is competing to fill a demand in the European economy for unmet quality medical cannabis research. In the fourth quarter of this year the company has achieved a major milestone in being the first licensed medical cannabis producer to import product into Germany for further distribution via pharmacies.

Tilray strives to be a leader in the niche industry and aims to be accessible to other countries of the European Union in the coming years.

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