Brexit draft agreement wouldn’t allow for future UK-US trade deal

In a blow to Theresa May’s Brexit plans, it now looks as though the trade deal she is trying to strike with the US won’t be possible under the draft arrangements. The draft agreement that has been made between the EU and UK for future relations hasn’t been agreed yet and MP’s are due to vote this month.

And one of the biggest criticisms made among British politicians was that it wouldn’t allow the UK to made other trade deals, which was one of the most important arguments used by pro-Brexit campaigners.

With just months to go before UK leaves the EU, the Prime Minister has been trying to avoid a chaotic no-deal scenario. This has included insisting that the UK would be able to make attractive, lucrative new trade deals with other partners, including the US.

One spokesperson commented: “We want an ambitious trade agreement and we stand ready to conclude such an agreement as a priority after we leave the European Union.”

However, the draft agreement includes strict EU trade rules for the transition period, which would run until the end of 2020. This wouldn’t allow the UK to strike trade deals with any countries outside the bloc. President Donald Trump previously warned that this might stop the UK and US making a deal.

In an interview last year, Donald Trump said: “We have to take a look at seriously whether or not the UK is allowed to trade,” Trump said at the time. As the deal stands, they may not be able to trade with the US and I don’t think they want that at all.”

When asked if the UK could be able to secure a trade deal with the US, diplomat, Woody Johnson, said: “We are still going through the stages of deciding where exactly the country is going.” And then he went on to explain that, “it doesn’t look like it would be possible” to make a seperate deal, with the current draft exit terms the UK has.

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