European Union to Challenge Trump Over Iran Nuclear Accord

U.S. President Donald Trump has promised constituents he will not certify the nuclear agreement his predecessor, Barack Obama, signed with Iran. On Friday October 13th, in response to the speech, the EU has vowed to uphold the deal.

Foreign Policy Chief for the European Union, Federica Mogherini, spoke to the media, and assured them the United States has no right to unilaterally repeal the accord.

Mogherini used some strong language in response to Trump’s speech, despite the fact the U.S. has been a close ally of the EU in the security sector. They have aided the bloc in their sanctions on Russia following their occupation of the Crimean Peninsula during the Ukrainian Civil War.

The Italian politician told the media that since the deal took effect, in July 2015, the international community rejoiced. After 12 years of negotiations, the United Nations Security Council, of which the United States is a permanent member, signed the deal, making it a multilateral agreement.

Being that the accord is not unilateral, it is not up to one nation whether or not to terminate the deal.

In addition to Mogherini, the heads of state from some of Europe’s most influential nations also condemned the U.S. President’s proclamation. Emmanuel Macron, French President, Theresa May, British Prime Minister, and Angela Merkel, German Chancellor issued a joint statement.

Within the statement is a reference that the agreement is in the best interest of not only the individual nations, but for the bloc as a whole.

Moghini, an Italian native, also spoke of the benefits to the global community of the agreement, known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). She claims the deal has not been violated, one of the charges of Donald Trump, and has been verified multiple times.

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), has indeed been dispatched on multiple occasions to verify the fact that Iran is adhering to the agreement.

The Chief of Foreign Policy outlined that the EU knows of 8 different inspections which the Iran Nuclear program has passed, meaning the nation is currently using its nuclear capability for civilian purposes.

Despite these words, Donald Trump is not expected to have his opinion changed, making future relations between the EU and the U.S. foggy.

The EU, for their part, believes the deal is not in danger, and rejects the idea that the United States may terminate the agreement. There is currently no timetable in place for Congress to discuss the issue.

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