Improving the quality of education

Education is considered to be the most important department of any country. It serves as a base for students from where they can make use of resources and the tools to become role models for their country. A good institution can make any student beneficial for his or her country.

The government of every country has the job of making policies for the overall betterment of the education system. The EU is also playing a great role in providing a good educational system to their students.

This education policy not only works for the students but also for the teachers. The primary education for a teacher is also important when it comes to the level of education they provide a student with. The EU commission works with national policymakers for the development of an efficient school education system. The main goal of the EU commission is to gather information and share it with groups for implementation.

From 2016 to 18, the EU commission has been working on the governance of the school education system. In the previous policy of 2012 to 13 the main focus of the commission was on:

  • Students leaving school early.
  • Childhood education and care.
  • The education system of Mathematics, science, and technology.
  • The professional development of teachers.

The EU BENCH MAKERS policy for students:

In 2014 to 15 the Commission focused on the education of teachers and early leaving of school. Now, the EU policy for education’s main goals are:

  • Improving the quality of education for every student.
  • The policy ensures the provision of education for everyone with equality.
  • It will also encourage students to experience creative and innovative learning as well as fostering entrepreneurship in all levels of education.

The EU policy for Education also includes:

  • At least 95% of students should take part in early childhood education.
  • The maximum rate of leaving education from 18 to 24 years of age should not exceed 10%.
  • At least 40% of citizens that are aged 30 to 34 years should complete their education or training in any field.
  • At least 15% of adults should take part in lifelong learning to increase the prospects of a better future.
  • At least 20% of graduates should spend some time abroad for training and learning.

The progress report is sent to the EU BENCH MAKERS annually to monitor the education and training system.  The annual report helps the European Union in keeping an eye on the policy changes and the interest of the students in the implemented learning and training programs.

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