Most Europeans are in favour of vaccination, according to Eurobarometer report 

In an EU-wide Eurobarometer report, the majority of European respondents say they support COVID-19 vaccination. Over half of the respondents say they are happy with the EU’s vaccination strategy. 

The report, which is titled “Attitudes on vaccination against COVID-19”, was published last week. It surveyed over 26,000 people in the EU, asking questions about their attitudes towards vaccination and the EU’s vaccination strategy.  

The results reveal positive attitudes overall, with 82% of respondents claiming to be pro-vaccination. This means that they have been vaccinated and received a booster if it’s been offered, or that they would like to receive one. 

Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides shared the report’s results in a tweet, noting that “The EU Vaccines Strategy is a historic success. With over 70% fully vaccinated and over 50% of the EU boosted, we have made good progress.” 

How many people are unvaccinated in Europe? 

COVID-19 vaccination rates differ vastly across different EU countries. The number of respondents in this report saying they are vaccinated ranged from 45% in Bulgaria to 97% in Spain. 

Those considered “vaccine-hesitant” made up the smallest proportion of respondents – making up approximately 5% of people. 

People opposed to vaccination altogether was around 8%, but this varied. The largest numbers were seen in Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Most of the unvaccinated people surveyed said that nothing can convince them to get a COVID jab. The most common reason given for this was “The fact that COVID-19 vaccines have not sufficiently been tested”. 

Other reasons for participants refusing the vaccine were “being worried about possible side effects of COVID-19 vaccines” and that “COVID-19 vaccines are not effective.” 

When asked what would make them more likely to get vaccinated, 30% of respondents said they would be more eager to get vaccinated if they “see that there are more serious forms of COVID-19 among people who are not vaccinated”. 

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