Transport policy: safety first

To maintain the growth of the economy in any country transport plays the key role. The transport in Europe sustains over 11 million jobs. This is the reason the European Union is working hard to improve its transport policies.

The European Union is looking forward to developing safe and secure transport policies which will help when it comes to competitive jobs related to transport.

Europe is facing a lot of challenges in the promotion of beneficial transport policies.

Here is the list of these challenges.

  1. The maintenance of the overall road and air traffic. The European Union spends around 1% of annual GDP in order to maintain traffic and provide quality transport to the passengers.
  2. The transport always depends on the oil and diesel energy. Around 96% of transport needs fuel energy to provide efficient services.
  3. Greenhouse gas emissions are another main challenge faced by the European Union. The gas emissions should be maintained and cut up to 60% in order to fight against global warming.
  4. The infrastructure quality which is very uneven in the European regions should be maintained.
  5. Other regions are proving to be a tough challenge to the European Union in transport sectors.

EU policy achievements:

European Union policies have made great achievements in the past 20 years in the transportation sector. The results are as follows:

  • EU policy has provided excellent choice in working hours for people who are engaged in the transport sector.
  • It has also provided safer roads and skies for transport.
  • The European policy helped people by giving a broad range of choices related to transport while traveling and also for businesses.
  • New technologies are being introduced in the transport industry for the better transportation services.
  • Making the environmental quality through the less pollution policy in Europe.

The EU policy for Passengers:

The European Union policies for passengers are also helping in protecting their passengers while traveling. The passenger rights in the European Union are the best around the globe. The policy includes passenger rights for all transportation services, i.e., traveling on planes, trains, buses, and coaches. The European Union is also working on making the safe travel policy for passengers more efficient.

Innovations and technologies:


The EU also supports the development and research of new green transport technology for promoting a better environment. New technologies that include cars that run on electricity and hydrogen gas are the primary targets of European Union.

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