Brexit negotiations cause the UK and EU to clash once again

The UK and EU are expected to clash as Brussels publishes their negotiating demands for Brexit. David Davis, the cabinet minister has warned the world of arguments to be seen as Brussels sets out its position in the Brexit standing. In particular a lot of Tory backbenchers have been outraged by the latest news on Brexit deals. Brussels seems to have reopened parts of the withdrawal deal that most MPs had thought was settles at the end of last year. They signalled that trade talks will most likely continue and that this is not a closed book.

Conservatives are advocating for Theresa May to take a much tougher stand and seek out solid arguments in the Commons, that Britain will absolutely not bend to European rulings and regulations for more than two years after their withdrawal in Brexit. Over the past few months, as more reaches the public eye regarding the truths behind Brexit negotiation deals, there is continued and increased speculation about Theresa May’s leadership  that arouse from these discussions. Some MPs have even gone as far as to demand a vote of no confidence and seek Cabinet manoeuvres for a succession. This would be one of the first in this lifetime and would utterly shake the houses of parliament.

Whilst he was being interviewed by a Lords Committee, Mr Davis spoke out on the issues saying that “There will be an argument about the right to negotiate free trade agreements. There will be an argument, I’m sure, about the issue of whether or not we can object to new laws that we haven’t had a say in…  because of the differences between the two sides positions, the transition may not be agreed by March as planned and that the overall Brexit Deal, which the EU wants agreed by October, may not be nailed down until the end of the year”.  This means that there is very little time to potentially rectify the issues at hand before we leave the EU by March 2019.

The Chief EU negotiator, Michel Barnier, has ended current discussions on the matter until next time by offering up his opinion. Barnier is quoted saying “During transition the UK will continue to take part in the single market, to take part in the customs union. It will continue to have all the economic benefits therefore it must also apply all the EU rules. The single market cannot be a la carte.”. This gives the Tory Brexiters something to work on as they regroup ahead of even more discussions.

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