The EU Speak Out To Those In Iran To Combat Violence

The European Union is urging all those concerned, who are currently in Iran to refrain from any violence. The EU are trying their best to get Iran to back away from any violence in their crackdown of potentially dangerous protesters who are rising in numbers after more than 20 deaths of demonstrators that the EU had condemned as completely “unacceptable”.

What Action Will The EU Take?

Federica Mogherini the high representative for foreign affairs was the one to issue the statement late Tuesday. We quote “The European Union is closely following the ongoing demonstrations in Iran, the increase of violence and the unacceptable loss of human lives…. For the EU, human rights have always been a core issue in our relationship with Iran. Peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression are fundamental rights that apply to every country, and Iran is no exception.”.

The EU is showing obvious signs of sincere concern as the issue ever grows. Mogherini continues “In the last days, we have been in touch with the Iranian authorities. In the spirit of frankness and respect that is at the basis of our relationship, we expect all concerned to refrain from violence and the right of expression to be guaranteed, also in light of the statements made by the Iranian Government.” It’s said that the European Union will continue to closely monitor the ongoing situation in Iran and take any necessary actions to restore peace for all those involved.

The EU Faces Their Own Critics

Of course, the European Union simply can’t please everyone. The EU’s vocal condemnation of violent acts and their consistent warnings against any more premeditated violence inciting repression of protestors has come under fire by no other than the President of the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to amplify his already harsh criticism of the government in Tehran, using the aforementioned protests as fuel in his fire.

President Donald Trump has since tweeted (of course!) that “the U.S. is watching”. Something that of course will only see to further anger not only protesters but the government in Tehran too. In quiet retaliation to these remarks Mogherini’s New Year blog post quotes the following

“We acknowledged once again that Iran is implementing the deal, as certified nine times by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The European Union — as a multilateral and reliable power — will continue to work for the deal to be implemented by all sides.” The EU continues to support those who are oppressed whilst working with the government of Tehran and stresses the need for Tehran to uphold fundamental liberties.

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