London Calling for AGS international removals

It may never have been easier to travel around the world, but the reality remains that relocating to another country is still difficult, daunting and fraught with obstacles.

Even if a move runs smoothly, it can still be expensive. ‘Relo’, as it is often known, costs an average of $70,000 for a new hire homeowner, according to the industry trade group Worldwide ERC.

For that reason, picking the right company is essential.

AGS Movers is one such company, and with a burgeoning CV, it comes as little surprise that they are one of the biggest players in the market.

Formed in 1974, they now help more than 80,000 families relocate every year.

And as one of the leaders in the sector, they now work out of 141 locations in 94 countries worldwide.

The company’s heartland is Africa. Since being established by the Taïeb family, they now have a presence in every single country across the continent.

But it is their progress in the UK which is starting to garner attention.

AGS arrived on British shores in 1991, and all of their UK work is now handled by AGS Movers London – a fully-owned subsidiary of the AGS Group.

They now deal with 3,000 yearly operations in the UK as their influence continues to grow, and they also boast 3,000 metres squared of warehouse space.

Of course, AGS’ operations in the capital are helped by the company’s enormous global network.

With a presence across much of the globe, it ensures that the infrastructure is already in place to facilitate a swift and efficient move.

Their work in the UK is further enhanced by their credentials – often the first step in selecting an international removals firm.

FIDI – Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux, or the Federation of International Movers in English – is a global umbrella organisation of international moving and relocation businesses, and is one of many accreditations on AGS Movers’ CV.

It is effectively a worldwide industry standard for top-quality movers.

There is also the FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) – a quality control certification programme which is dedicated solely to the international moving industry.

To acquire FIDI status, each company has to go through a rigorous periodic assessment of their international moving and relocation services.

Again, it appears on AGS’ lengthy list of credentials.

With a proven track record of both qualifications and experience, it is little wonder that AGS continue to make inroads into the London market.





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