French President Emmanuel Macron Wants to End ‘Europe’s Civil War’

In May 2017, Emmanuel Macron won a victory over far-right opponent Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential Election. Now, speaking to German Newspaper Der Spiegel, the Frankish Head of State is calling for the end to what he calls the ‘European Civil War’.

With the most recent round of Brexit negotiations ending in stalemate, over disagreement about the United Kingdom’s financial commitment to the bloc, many see disunity within the EU.

While many are eager to admit the rift between the political left and right, as well as the increasing disparity between their wants, Emmanuel Macron has gone a step further by calling it a ‘Civil War’.

Specifically, President Macron wants European nations to cease comparing each other’s economic strength, and focus on unity instead. He was quoted as telling the German publication he wishes for, “sovereignty, unity and democracy” in Europe.

Many left-leaning constituents are worried about the re-emergence of conservatism, especially with the recent Austrian Election, having taken place on October 15, 2017. Sebastian Kurz, known for being tough on immigration, has lead his Austrian People’s Party (OVP) to a narrow victory.

Emmanuel Macron, however, has indicated that he is not so worried about the purported rise in nationalist feelings in Eastern Europe. Speaking about his recent trip to Bulgaria, he claims there is a wish for European unity there.

The President emphasized this point by telling Der Spiegel that the people of Europe cannot afford to divide into separate categories, likely referring to the growing political rift between left and right.

The Frankish President also wishes to, “renew the European dream and reawaken ambitions for it”.

Macron’s approval rating was relatively high when he took office, however over the summer stumbled from 64% to 54%. Media reports suggest this is due to a perception of being aloof among the French people and, perhaps, undermining his claims of a wish for unity in the EU.

Mr. Macron, speaking before his first televised interview as Head of State, has also told his constituents the need for ‘political heroism’. He clarified this is referring to the need for symbolism to bring people together politically, although denied that he could be such a figure.

It is yet to be seen how his message of unity, and his insistence that there is no surge in nationalism, will be received across his homeland, let alone across the European Union.

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