The European Union and Its Investment in Education

When considering the Strategic Framework for 2020 released by the European Commission it is wise to analyze the truly important points of the framework. One of the important points is the investment in education plan.

Achieving a successful education system within an economy can be a daunting task and needs proper funding. This section of the framework covers details on how proper financial investing will be carried out to create a stronger educational infrastructure for the European Union.

The European Commission thinks investment in education is crucial for Europeans to have skills for job market and society. The commission wants to make the removal of obstacles a top priority in allowing for quality funding for education programs.

Additionally, they intend to make the most use out of already existing financial resources which will build on the future investors. The Commission has high hopes that organizations and educational institutions will work with them to carry out this goal.

A crucial question that the commission has addressed is, how can European education structures benefit from investors? The short answer is that they want to utilize new investment money to help build on what they already have in place. It seems logical to add and make a system stronger from what is, as of now, working.

More specifically, the commission is putting a lot of their credibility into the EFSI plan. This plan essentially opens the door for private investors to give money to fueling the effort for a better educational system in the European Union.

The plan gives a guarantee to investors which encourages them to fund a positive cause for the economy. The idea is that if you put money into creating a stronger education structure, the economy benefits from stronger students that go on to be better employees, managers, and teachers etc.

The European Commission intends for the EFSI to be a long-term investment plan which will build the education infrastructure within the European Union.

In the 2020 framework, building educational infrastructure is an important topic. The EFSI plan in its success allows for upgrading schools and universities which improves learning environments and working conditions ex. high end laboratories.

Outstanding funding is key to any plan to build in an economy which has a lot to do with the availability of student loans. The commission would like to make student loans a benefit for them and not a grueling task. Finally, the EFSI plan aims to promote the knowledge triangle of education, business, and research which ultimately grows a stronger economy.

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