Could UK Universities Pocket After Brexit?

In the news the past week, we’ve seen the possibilities Brexit could potentially provide to UK universities. Whilst people were notably sceptical at first, there is room for universities to gain access to European funding even post-Brexit. There have been numerous concerns over how UK based universities would cope after the split. But, news just in, they will not lose any access to the European research projects that they’re currently a part of, and may even have the ability to be involved in more.

One UK university in particular has spread their wings and found solace in a top French research agency. They are currently working together to figure out a way around university funding after Brexit. This relationship could be the means to keeping UK universities funded and a part of European research when Brexit is over. The once very delicate subject is now looking to be easily solved for the benefit of all students and staff involved.

Who Will Be Affected?

The UK houses one of the world’s top science institutes, namely Imperial College London. ICL have now joined forces with a government led research body in France to progress their work further than their current realms of possibility. Imperial College London will now be working together with the National Centre for Scientific Research, also known as the CNRS, to further technological and research advances in the science field.

In talks regarding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, a spokesperson for Imperial College London said the following “All members of the UMI, whatever their nationality, will have equal access to funding, resources and most importantly, opportunities for collaboration… this could include Imperial or other researchers seconded as members of the UMI Abraham de Moivre.”. Already this partnership is breaking records being the first of its type to have the French government’s co-funding.

The pair are also working together to create buildings, laboratories and structures that are going to be in place, potentially, even longer than themselves. The French Government is currently working with the university to fund a brand new research unit in the UK as well as focusing on the already planned out Anglo-French mathematics centre with huge success.

Richard Craster the UMI director and professor of applied mathematics at Imperial College London praised the merger by saying the following “strengthening our ties with Europe by improving mobility and giving new opportunities for researchers to exchange ideas… bringing together some of the world’s best mathematicians.” The future is definitely looking brighter after Brexit.

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