Car manufacturers call for the EU to relax its regulations 

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has released a manifesto outlining policy recommendations for European institutions over the next five years.

The manifesto calls for a new industrial strategy that removes some of the burdens of heavy regulation in the industry. It also suggests a new industrial strategy that focuses on the transition to green energy, including things like mining, energy production, and charging infrastructure. 

In an interview, ACEA President and Renault CEO, Luca de Meo, talked about the industry’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, with investments totaling €250 billion. 

However, he emphasized the necessity of time to implement Green Deal measures, cautioning against a continuous influx of new rules. The association called for an increase in charging infrastructure across Europe to support the transition to electric mobility, with more focus needed on boosting electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

“Our sector is in the midst of the biggest transformation in over a century,” said de Meo. “There is no question for us about the need to decarbonise. We are investing billions to make this happen – far more than any other sector.”

He added: “When we have eight new regulation events coming up each year until 2030, on average, it should ring a bell, telling us that there’s a bug somewhere in the system!”

The manifesto also introduced the idea of Europe becoming a hub for intelligent and green manufacturing, with a focus on smaller cars. 

De Meo stressed the importance of collaboration with policymakers to create conditions conducive to manufacturing a diverse range of zero-emission models, including small, affordable electric vehicles. This approach is seen as a response to the narrative that European automakers are ceding the smaller EV market to China.

ACEA forecasts an increase in the share of EVs from around 14% to 20% by 2024. This projection aligns with the broader industry trend toward greater EV adoption. The manifesto reflects the industry’s ambition to secure market share in affordable EVs, preventing potential dominance by Chinese manufacturers. 

The ACEA’s recommendations also touch on the political landscape, with the upcoming European Parliament’s political leaning expected to influence policymakers’ decisions on regulatory measures and industry support. 

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