EU to Potentially Take More Immigrants After Pressure From Greece and Italy Also ‘Marshall Plan’ Unveiled

After considerable demands made by Greece and Italy this year, the EU has vouched to do more for the migrant crisis and plans to give more aid in their ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa. The members of the European Union must now share migrants and refugees instead of what they were doing which was expecting all of the Mediterranean nations to deal with the whole of the great influx by themselves. The Prime Ministers of Italy and Greece have been extremely vocal on this issue and ordered a forceful presentation about the issues to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

It’s been said that the richer nations should attempt to address the root of the cause of the migrant crisis instead of what they’re doing now. Solutions for this have been drawn up. They suggest committing to a major development aid programme also known as the Marshall Plan that they currently have for Africa as Paolo Gentiloni and Alexis Tsipras both said and agreed on. During the speech, Alexis Tsipras said, and we quote “It is necessary to be more brave – this is not all to do with Italy and Greece, it is not just the southern European countries, it is necessary for this to be in front of the main agenda of the EU.”.

Alexis Tsipras continued to say “It is crucial to have a common migration policy. And it is necessary to have an open minded, progressive policy in relation to African countries in order to try to solve the problems when they are born – the problem is not the flows [of migrants], it is not the people who are trying to find a new life in Europe, but the problem is why the people cannot live in their countries.”. His viewpoint is synonymous with Paolo Gentiloni’s as he is quoted saying “Everyone has some minimum requirement of solidarity,” he said, adding that “the lack of a common migration policy is a serious problem.”.

Gentiloni has been vocal on the immigrant issue predicting that it will take decades to make any significant change to the African economy which will in effect reduce the number of migrants. He adds “An issue which has to be tackled now is to try to transfer migration flows from criminality and irregular flows, gradually to regular and safe flows,” he said. Whilst he doesn’t think the economy will change overnight he is hopeful and willing to make change alongside the EU. “It is absolutely possible. You have to disrupt the networks of criminals, to strengthen structure of the almost-failed African states which are not able to control their own territories, and to gradually accept – through human corridors and systems of quotas – a regular flow of migrants from Africa to Europe.” he ended with.

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